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A person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.

"Putt was a spendthrift and a heavy gambler"

"Richard Burton was a spendthrift wastrel"

Certainly the majority of UK folk over 60 have a dramatically different approach to money than their children, we all know that.

Locked in the minds of every older person is the shame of debt and looking after the pennies etc

The seniors in society (if they haven't spent it bailing out children) are in a unique position to think about being more careful with their money, be more judicious with their expenditure and take the old fashioned approach to making their money go further.

That's not so easy to see with the bewildering bombardment of information.

On a previous newsletter, we presented the Revolut currency card to you.
We recommend the use of the Revolut card on Malta

Spend abroad with no fees and you get the actual exchange rate.
No other card does that, do your research and save heaps of money.

On September 12th they announced the probable return of roaming tariffs abroad.

Bespoke Malta took a brave decision 12 months ago, we decided to remove our supplier all together in Malta and adopt a revolutionary telephone app called Circleloop from the UK.

It sits on your phone and any other device as a landline number or mobile number.
You can keep an existing number if you want to.
Your phone rings just like normal, you answer like normal.

Here's the thing, its £5 per calendar month unlimited and no set up fees.

Take UK calls from landlines or mobiles
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Anywhere in the world.
Pay as you go and no contract.

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