The Village Hotel contract tutorial and information management systems.

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Below is a simple diagram explaining the relationships between the four Companies working together at The Village Hotel Naxxar.

Bespoke Malta is an information sharing communication platform and all the technology that runs these  communications are listed below.
Bespoke Malta has invested in technology that ensures privacy by design.

Ownership financial transactions are handled by The Hutchinson Trust in the UK in sterling £

Any independent deals arranged by Bespoke Malta may be handled financially from a form page using Stripe technology.

Management utilisation fees are collected by the Developer in sterling.
Promotional holiday booking fees may be collected by MAP or The Developer in sterling.

Each individual technology talks to a central management system, so all communication is logged and available for The appointed GDPR official William Nicholls to effectively manage communication.

Some information will be shared with MAP as our promotions and contract partner.
For example:
From a newsletter, Mrs Brown reacts to a promotion and fills in the form page for more information.
That form page goes immediately to Bespoke Malta and is stored in the central management system ( CMS)
If Mrs Brown books the holiday, the CMS logs that information as well.
Mrs Browns booking is then passed to The Hotel Developer reservations department.

This same principle will apply for any Bespoke Malta promotion or information share to a third party.
If at any time you would like to see the information flow before using it, email

All holidays beyond 364 days are governed by ownership law.
An example of information flow and storage:
Mr Black respond's to a newsletter article.
He clicks the chat button with Bespoke Malta and then phones using the UK telephone number on Bespoke Malta contact page
All that information to completion of agreement is stored inside CMS.
Mr Black decides to purchase 5 years in room 301 at the Village Hotel in Naxxar.
Bespoke Malta will send the contract via Signable
Bespoke Malta will inform Hutchinson Trust who will contact Mr Black for payment.
On completion, Mr Blacks details and week ownership are sent to The Village Hotel reservations department.
Mr Black liaises with reservations for the duration of the contract including using weeks owned in the future  ( accelerating ) 
click contract tutorial above for more detail

Contracts signed now. Not next week.

New contracts are electronic using a reputable UK based Company called  Signable Click here.

If you then require a printed version you can simply print it yourself and store at home.

The Village Hotel ownership contracts will be available on request via email for prior inspection.

The Village Hotel contracts are stored electronically in line with latest compliance laws. Click here.

All email and newsletter correspondence adheres to  ISO 27001 / GDPR Compliance.

Industry recognised accreditation ensures that your data remains private.


Marketing Director: Nigel Temple Marketing Compass in conjunction with Maltix

GDPR and managed security advisors Fusioncomply

All contact data is screened by Hippo UK ltd.

Cloud telephony supplied by Circleloop UK

Cloud Newsletter compliance provided by Mailchimp

Tutorials provided by Educreations

Videos provided by Magisto or IMovie

Central Cloud based management from Capsule

Secure live chat provided by Tawk

Form Page integration Wufoo

Social media Hootsuite 

Accountancy Xero

Websites Wordpress and Webs

Financial transactions from form pages

Your digital rights link

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No third party or technician has access to your data.

Access to all components are now triply protected by iOS and unique code 

Firstly thumbprint or face scan technology depending on which device bespoke malta access the system

Then unique log in confirmed by unique code access via phone from the cloud supplier

All Consultancy provided by 

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