Casa Bella house rules


Dear Guests,

To make sure that you have a pleasant and comfortable stay with us and to prevent any misunderstandings, please familiarise yourselves with the accommodation rules.

The Casa Bella representative will be available to the Guests during their stay for any information and assistance that may be required concerning the property and Casa Bella wish to advise the guests to contact their representative on the number provided to resolve any queries or issues they may have whilst on site.

When you confirm your reservation it is implied that you are familiar and have read and agree to the accommodation rules via the tick box on the booking form and you will fully adhere to them. 

Any violation of the House Rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation without notification and charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.  

The owner’s can terminate the reservation in situ if the house rules are disrespected, violated, and not adhered to resulting in the guests being asked to leave immediately and will be charged the entire amount of the original booking regardless of the stay being shortened.

It is forbidden to add additional guests to the original reservation unless prior notice had been given to Casa Bella via email, telephone or advising the Casa Bella representative upon arrival.  Additional persons will be charged at €50.00 euros per person per night.

Upon check- in the Casa Bella representative will meet with you and go through with the lead guest the inventory which they will be required to sign.  Upon check- out the Casa Bella representative and the lead guest will go through the inventory to make sure that all items that were originally signed for are still in place, which the lead guest will be required to sign prior to departure.

Guests who intentionally or accidently damage the property will have to reimburse the owner’s the full amount of the occurred damage. 

Guests are charged a €250.00 deposit on booking. 

This deposit will be refunded to the guests in full on the day of departure only if they leave the accommodation in the same status as they found it, and the inventory is signed by the lead guest as set out above.

The Pool area is to be respected.  Only plastic glasses and plates are to be used around the pool area.

Diving, jumping and any other activity other than swimming in the pool is at the guests own risk and Casa Bella will not accept any responsibility or liability for any accident that may occur through negligence  and irresponsibility on the guests part.

Guests are politely requested to refrain from urinating in the pool and throwing/placing anything in the pool apart from lilos, rings etc...

The guests are responsible for the cleanliness, and the taking out of the rubbish on the designated days as per the schedule which is clearly visible in the kitchen area during their stay. The guests are asked to take care of the accommodation.

For Guests staying more than 7 nights there will be a weekly bed linen change and towel change.  The owner’s do not have any obligation to supply extra bed linen and towels for the bathrooms during the stay.  Pool Towels are to be supplied by the guest and it is asked that bathroom towels are to remain inside the property and not taken outside to be used around the pool area.

The Guests are obliged to care of their personal items and valuables left in the accommodation.  The owner’s will not be responsible in case of any disappearance of such items and advise the guests to always close the doors and windows when they go out.

The owner does not have the right to enter the rented accommodation during the absence of the guests, except if there is an emergency.  In this case they have to inform the guests about it as soon as the guests come back to the accommodation.  If the owner’s have any reason to believe that the house rules are /or have been violated the guests have to allow the owner entry into the accommodation in order to assess the situation.

It is not allowed to bring any weapon, inflammable or explosive substances or products with strong smells into the house.

No Pets are allowed

Smoking is not allowed in the house.  Ashtrays are provided for the outside area of the house and we would ask that they are used and that no cigarette butts are stubbed out in the plants or any other part of the outside garden.

When guests go out of the accommodation they are obliged to close the parasols, switch off the lights and secure the property ie close windows etc....

It is forbidden to throw waste in the lavatories, bins are provided in each bathroom for these items

Guests are requested to respect the peace and quiet of the accommodation and not to make use of loud noise and music after 11pm

When starting to use the accommodation it is assumed that the guests are familiar with the above house rules and that they agree with the terms and conditions contained herein.  Any problems or complaints that are not dealt with or reported whilst the guests are staying at the farmhouse will not be considered valid and therefore will not be considered.

Eco Charge:  There is an Eco Charge which is imposed by the Maltese Government on each person staying in the accommodation.  This charge goes directly to the Maltese Government and does not form any part of the rental/booking agreement.  The charge is 0.50c per day per person up to a maximum of €5.00 euros for a booking of seven nights consecutively. This fee has to be paid in cash not by credit card.

Casa Bella is licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority ( Licence number )

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