Bespoke Malta 

Casa Bella Farm house Gozo

Our latest addition, the most prestigious Farm house on Gozo 

Message to owners and subscribers.

With a heavy heart Bespoke Malta has decided to remove the timeshare resale and room rental programme until further notice.

This decision is based on the consequences of the pandemic plus ongoing delays with relevant timeshare management.

The repercussions in certain timeshare establishments on Malta may cause problems we simply cannot help to resolve.

Unfortunately we see no successful resolution for our subscribers and would prefer to offer detailed and bespoke advice, not only with Timeshare but with the huge changes we envisage when visiting Malta in the future.

We will announce the updates later in the year via a revamped subscription newsletter.

William Nicholls

MD Bespoke Malta Ltd

The rental of quality Farmhouses on Malta and Gozo.

Rent privately owned Farm houses.