Bespoke Malta 

Casa Bella Farm house Gozo

Our latest addition, the most prestigious Farm house on Gozo 

Privately owned hotel booking inquiries available to rent for weekly periods from 2022.

No restriction on duration subject to availability.

Typically 50 % cheaper !

Message to owners.

Needless to say with the Pandemic in full swing and holidaying off the agenda for quite a while, we would like to extend our best wishes and stay safe wishes to all our members within Bespoke Malta.

We now have over 100 privately owned 5 star Hotel rooms for weekly rentals on Bespoke Malta.

Some are actually for sale.

Spa, Wellness, Family and Studios.

We are also actively working on a proposal to move your timeshare closer to home and remove contracted long term commitments. 

All the sophisticated systems within the website and secure GDPR systems beyond will remain active, but we will be sending fewer newsletters until the outlook appears more positive.

If you have any questions or would like updates from Malta or Gozo on any area of interest, feel free to hit the chat button ( even if it appears to be off ) or click the contact page here.

William Nicholls

MD Bespoke Malta Ltd

Using the power of the network for the rental and sales of privately owned 5 star Hotel rooms on Malta

Rent privately owned 5 Star Hotel rooms and Farm houses.